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'''Bow Thayer''' is a songwriter, guitarist, banjoist and multi-string instrumentalist currently based in Stockbridge, Vermont. His career spans over two decades with bands including the 7 League Boots, Elbow, Jethro and The Benders as well as solo work. Bow is also the founder of the Tweed River Music Festival. '''7 League Boots''' Founded in 1990, the 7 League Boots included Bow Thayer, Bobby Sullivan, bassist Richard Feins, and drummer and vocalist Mike Press. The group hailed from Hingham, Massachusetts and formed in Boston. In 1990 and 1991, they pressed multiple singles to 7” vinyl before releasing their first and only LP, 12 Songs, on Constant Change. The group embarked on a tour spanning three years, during which time they shared the stage with bands including Fugazi, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Red Kross, The Buck Pets, The Lemonheads, Buffalo Tom, Beck. They also were known to influence Rage Against the Machine, and Pearl...
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